Simple Fitness Plan for Beginners to Achieve Any Fitness Goals

Simple Fitness Plan for Beginners to Achieve Any Fitness Goals


Looking for a good and simple fitness plan for beginners that actually works is challenging enough. And it gets even more difficult when you are looking for one that is well-suited to your body type and needs, to bring you the goal you have set. Maybe you simply want to feel stronger, or maybe you want that aesthetically toned and defined body. Maybe you are tired of feeling sick and running out of breath, or maybe you feel like it is your time to lose weight and keep it all off for good.

With so many aspects to take into account, it seems like everything just leads up to one simple answer: hire a personal trainer. But what if you do not want to spend your entire paycheck on a personal trainer? We know how expensive they can get. And let’s not forget about the number of supplements, meal plans and a lot of other things to support your fitness endeavor?

Many would quickly advise to do it on your own. Educate yourself on the matter and try what feels best for you. Obviously this test-and-trial may take longer than it is supposed to be when you work with a personal trainer. Learning all you need to know may not be difficult as everything is available online nowadays. However, to finally figure out the appropriate approach and to come up with a good workout program to help you reach your finess goal may take a while.

Then there are some people who would try to sell you one of their workout DVDs, fat-burning contraptions, and numerous other supposedly working fat-loss inducing products. If you were like me, you would most likely know firsthand that those fat blasting DVDs did not work, and neither did their miracle products. And if you were like me, you would be extremely frustrated.

What worked for others may not work for you. It applies to workout and diet programs, and it applies to those products you so often see on the late night infomercials. What worked for me? A simple fitness plan for beginners regimen, and equally simple diet plan. It took me more than 2 years to finally find out what worked for my body, and another year to help me lose weight. The test-and-trial took longer than the period I dropped the pounds I had to lose, but it was incredibly worth it.

But of course not everyone wanted to waste year after year for testing the waters, for that reason, I have come up with an article to help you guide on what matters most. Here, I am going to save you the time and energy by giving you a simple yet effective fitness plan to help you make it happen – regardless of your fitness goal right now. Read on to find out how to start your fitness endeavour.

Diet plan: where to start

I am sure you have heard about how muscles are made in the kitchen, which seems to be an absolute joke but actually have so much truth in it. You can train hard two times a day for five days a week, but without proper nutrition, all of your hard work may not bring the result you have in mind. However, being a beginner who is trying to take it one step at a time, watching what you put into your mouth can be stress-inducing. Below is how you can manage your transition without the stress.

  • Week 1, week 2

To make your transition feel a bit easier, start from eliminating processed food and sugary drinks. You may take one step at a time. Always choose the healthier food options such as grilled chicken breast over a deep fried chicken, and low GI carbohydrate sources of food such as sweet potatoes and whole wheat bread. Also, don’t hesitate to consume healthy fats such as olive oil, fish oil, egg yolks and butter. Just focus on eating right and log every item you have consumed throughout the day.

  • Week 3, week 4

By the end of second week I am sure you have figured out the average calories consumed on a daily basis and which macronutrient you lack of. People typically eat an abundance of carbs and fat without knowing, and not enough protein. With this knowledge, you will now be able to put it to a good use. This is the moment you must start tracking your calorie and protein intake.

While essentially you still can make a progress without having to obsessively track your food intake, it’s important for you to do it in the first few weeks. That way you will be able to correctly estimate how much you must eat, without having to risk compromising it by blindly taking the chance. It is worth noting that, while you must strive for hitting your macro-targets, you should never beat yourself up if you happen to eat over your targets.

Workout regimen: what to do

When it comes to a workout plan, choosing for the right plan is essentially easier than sticking to the plan. To make your transition feels less like a burden, you may do a simple home workout for the first two weeks. Not every beginners have the courage to just go into a gym and get a membership, so it is important for them to use the first two weeks to build up the courage and learn the proper technique. Do the following at-home workout for 4 sets of 8-15 repetitions each, only rest for 60 seconds each set:

  • Glute bridges
  • Bodyweight squats
  • Push-ups
  • Split bodyweight squats
  • Lunges
  • Planks
  • Mountain climber

Once you are ready, go to the nearest gym and get yourself a membership. Training with a partner can sometimes make it feel less daunting in the beginning, and while you may be interested in a gym a few minutes drive away, the nearest one is better for when your motivation runs low. With a gym close to you and a training partner, you won’t be able to make excuses. There are so many simple fitness plan for beginners you can find online, just be sure to stick with the workout regimen and only tweak after your progress stalled.

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