Get further sight of Diabetes Mellitus

Get a Further Sight of Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes Mellitus

What is Diabetes Mellitus? Diabetes mellitus is also shortly known as diabetes. It is a disease in which there is too high blood sugar or blood glucose of yours. If you meet yourself in this condition, you better be aware of this disease. Basically, this disease has a deal with hormone insulin. There is surely something wrong with it when someone is suffering from diabetes. As we all know, insulin is produced regularly in our body in certain amount. Controlling blood glucose levels is the main role of insulin. Further, it can give signals to cells to use the glucose for energy and liver to store glucose as glycogen. It holds an important role in the body. However, the little production or even no production at all from insulin can lead you to get a disease. Many people have suffered from this disease. Knowing it further is the best thing to do and later, you can do prevention for yourself and your loved ones. Let’s get to know this disease closer and deeper.

Knowing Types of Diabetes

Overall, there are three different types of diabetes. Those are diabetes type 1, diabetes type 2, and gestational diabetes. Those three are surely different. You might want to know them one by one. Here you go. Insulin-independent diabetes is another name of type 1. In this type, insulin is not produced because of the damage in the pancreas. This can happen since antibodies attack the pancreas. Yes, the body of the sufferers attacks its own pancreas. Possible causes of this type are genetic predisposition and the result of beta cells which are in fault. People who are struggling in this type may likely get other medical risks. Those are stroke, diabetic nephropathy, diabetic retinopathy, diabetic neuropathy, and even heart attack.

Next, there is diabetes type 2. It is said that this is the most common type which are found in numerous cases. You have known that type 1 is insulin-independent diabetes. In type 2, it is also known as non-insulin-independent diabetes. In this type, the sufferers’ pancreas still produces insulin in certain amount. Yet, the amount can be not enough. In other case, the body’s cells can be resistant to the insulin. It is known as insulin resistance. Liver, fat, and muscle cells are parts of body which can be resistant. Stroke and heart disease are still the medical risks coming from type 2. In the last type, the disease is mostly triggered by pregnancy. This can be dangerous for the mother and also the baby.

Food to Avoid for Diabetes Sufferers

Now that you know what is Diabetes Mellitus, here are some foods which are worst choices to eat. Fruits are good to eat. However, diabetes mellitus sufferers are not permissible to eat kinds of fruits such as jelly, jam, canned fruits, fruit drinks, fruit, punch, and more. Vegetables are similar with fruits. You better avoid eating canned vegetables. If you want to cook them, try to limit the use of cheese, sauce, or butter. Starches in the form of white bread, French fries, processed grains, and even cereals with lots of sugar are worst choices too. That’s it from now. Hope it useful.

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