diabetes type 2, causes, risk and treatment

Understanding diabetes type 2, causes, risk and treatment

Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes is diseases that lifelong diseases that affect patient’s body for handle their glucose in blood. Most of people are develop the diabetes type 2. The statistic shows that there are about 27 million US people that have this diabetes. The other 86 million people are developing pre-diabetes.  This means, people with pre-diabetes have not normal blood glucose but not as high as to develop diabetes yet.

What causes diabetes type 2?

The developing from diabetes cause is occurring because pancreas is unable to make insulin or their cell body is unable to use it as well. Insulin is hormone body that turns glucose from food into energy. When the pancreas does not keep up it well, the sugar will builds up in blood. These things below can cause diabetes types 2:

  • Genes. Research found that there is DNA that may affect how body produces insulin due to history of diabetes in families.

  • Extra weight. People with overweight and obese are able to causes insulin resistance that can result diabetes type 2.

  • Metabolic syndrome. Those who have  resistance  of insulin is often include people that have these conditions such as extra fat in the waist,high blood glucose,  have high measure in blood pressure,  Cholesterol as well as triglycerides.

Prevent type 2 diabetes

There are several things that cannot do for prevent diabetes type 2.  There are nothing can you do when you have risk factor such as genetic, ethnicity or age. If you have pre-diabetes condition or other diabetes risks or even you not but you are care for pay attention to this disease, you can do for several lifestyle changes for prevent or delay the onset from diabetes type 2.

  • Diet planning.  Patient with diabetes type 2 need to take diet with high in nutrient rich carbohydrate and fiber.  The food also needs to choose heart healthy food such as omega 3 fatty acids that can be taken from certain fish.

  • Exercise. Diabetes type 2 is often linked with inactivity people with obese and overweight. Take regular activity of 30 minutes aerobic can increase overall health.

  • Weight management.  People with obese and overweight is high risk in develop diabetes type 2. Take healthy eating; balance diet and exercise can help you to manage your weight into normal weight.

Manage your diabetes type 2

Manage diabetes type-2 need good teamwork between the patient, doctor and family support. This is important for prevent the complication in diabetes type 2. Diabetes type 2 can causes serious complication if it is not managed well such as skin problem, nerve damage, poor circulation to feet, hearing impairment, retinal damage, eye damage, cardiovascular diseases, kidney damage and kidney failure.

  • Maintain diet plan that have high nutrient rich carbohydrate and fiber but low in unhealthy fats and choose only simple carbohydrate

  • Take exercise regularly

  • Take medication as recommended by your doctor

  • Use home monitoring system for testing blood sugar level by your own between visits in doctor.

It is also important for educate your family from understanding and know the warning signs from increasing blood sugar level so they can help you when you are in emergency condition.

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