Tips for reduce risk of diabetes mellitus

Tips for reduce risk of diabetes mellitus

Diabetes Mellitus

There are about 9% people that suffer diabetes have diabetes type 2. Type 2 diabetes is often linked with people that have overweight.  If you have normal or healthy weight, this means that you are able to reduce your risk of develop the condition of diabetes. However, if you have diabetes type 1, then there are no lifestyle changes that can reduce your risk from this type.

Diabetes and weight connection

People that become obese or overweight is increasing their risk in develop diabetes type 2.  You need to find your healthy weight from your BMI.  If your BMI is over from 25, this means that you are in overweight range and when you get over 30 this means that you are in obese weight range.

For people with diabetes mellitus, they need to change their eating habit.  Carbohydrate is the main issues that related with diabetes. This because carbs is the macronutrient that provide energy for your body together with protein and fat and have greatest effect to blood sugar in this far. This because carbs will broke into sugar or glucose and absorbed into bloodstream.  When people have diabetes and take too many carbs, this will make their blood sugar increase and dangerous for their health in entire way. Patient with diabetes avoid foods such as:

  • Sugar sweetened beverages

  • Trans fat. This can be found at peanut butter, margarines, and creamers.

  • White bread, pasta and rice

  • Fruit flavored yogurt

  • Sweetened cereal

  • Flavored coffee drinks

  • Dried fruits

  • Fruit juice

Knowing foods that need to be avoided can be easy line guide for people with diabetes. The main goals from diabetes diet are stay away from unhealthy fats, processed grains, liquid sugar and the foods that contain with refined carbs.

People with high risk of diabetes mellitus

There are several groups of people that have high risk of diabetes mellitus. These high risk of group need to maintain lower BMI from 25. These people include:

  • Asians people with BMI score 23 or more that increase risk from develop diabetes type 2

  • Asian with BMI 27.5 or more are include as high risk of develop diabetes type 2.

  • Inheritance. People that have diabetes history in their family need to pay attention if they have higher risk of getting diabetes mellitus.

How to reduce risk of diabetes mellitus

If you are people that include as people with high risk of diabetes mellitus, then you need to make preventive way to reduce your risk of this disease.  There are several important ways that able to do for prevent diabetes and risk reduces of diabetes mellitus. For people with high risk of diabetes mellitus, it is important for them to have healthy habit such as healthy eating, regular exercise and maintain normal blood glucose.

  • Lose your weight. Drop weights in range 7% to 10% from your overweight can cut the risk from develop diabetes type 2 into 50%.

  • Becomes more active.  Moving your muscles use insulin. Just simply take brisk walking in 30 minutes a day can cut your risk into almost third times.

  • Eating healthy.

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