Obesity the cause of diabetes

The Causes of Diabetes – What Are They?

Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes – a disease which has become so popular because so many people have been diagnosed to get this disease. As we know, diabetes is caused by the excessive amount of glucose in our bodies. For the specific reason, the glucose can’t be delivered to body cells because we are lack of insulin. If you haven’t known about this, insulin is a hormone which is produced in pancreas. When we actually need energy from glucose yet it doesn’t work properly, diabetes will show its existence in a short period of time. What makes this disease worse is, it can cause other health problems. Besides, diabetes has no cure. So, it is essential for us manage the glucose in our bodies.

The Types of Diabetes

Diabetes has three common types – diabetes type 1, diabetes type 2, and gestational diabetes. Here, the causes of each type are different. However, there are several symptoms which can be recognized when people get diabetes. Such as fatigue, hunger, blurred vision, easily thirsty and urinate, weight loss, numbness, tingling, and sores which are difficult to heal. On the other hand, there is a thing that you need to know. What is it? symptoms in diabetes type 1 can be felt quickly, different with diabetes type 2 which needs several years before we can feel its symptoms.

The Causes of Diabetes

As same as its symptoms, the causes of diabetes type 1 and diabetes type 2 are different. For diabetes type 1, our body condition affects the existence of this disease. Here, our immune systems have a role to create diabetes disease. How it can be? This may confuse you, yet the body’s system gets rid of insulin in your bodies. On the other hand, this kind of diabetes is even diagnosed in children. This mean, diabetes type 1 doesn’t look at people’s age. What makes people with diabetes type 1 should be aware is, they need to inject insulin to keep the blood sugar level stay at normal rate.

Different with type 1, diabetes type 2 doesn’t require us to take insulin injection. This kind of diabetes, often occurs to middle aged to older people. In this world, this diabetes becomes the most common type that people get. For example, in the US, of all people who has aged 65 and over, almost 95 percent of them is diagnosed with diabetes – especially diabetes type 2.

Is there any cause?

Of course, there are causes which are recognized to make people get diabetes. Here, the causes are health condition and genetic. For health condition, the causes that can be seen are obesity, overweight, and unhealthy lifestyle. Besides, there is also another thing that can cause diabetes from our body. It is about the lack of hormone insulin in our bodies. Lastly, genetic is considered as another thing that can cause diabetes. Those who are diagnosed with diabetes, have a possibility to inherit their diseases to their children. So, if your parent used to be diagnosed with Diabetes, you’d better to do healthy lifestyle. We need to prepare the worst, right?

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