Losing Weight to Avoid Diabetes Type 2

Losing Weight to Avoid Diabetes Type 2

Diabetes Mellitus

Losing weight is a great way to avoid diabetes type 2. The life of people that do diet and healthy weight loss programs can lessen the chance of being affected by diabetes type 2. Here are things that you can do to lose weight and avoid diabetes (you can also use this to lessen the effect of diabetes type 1).

Fill the body up with important fibers

Fiber is an important substance for your body because it helps you to maintain a good metabolism and make your food easier to digest. Fruits and vegetables are good source of fiber, in addition to their vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Fiber is calorie free and it occupies a lot of space inside your stomach to reduce your appetite and eat less. Combining your meal replacement shake with fiber will result in more satisfying and filling nutrients intake.

Protein intake should be as high as a kite

Protein is the most satiating macronutrients, which means that it will help you to feel more satisfied and can help you to avoid snacking and eat less to lose weight. Protein also play part in your body heat production or thermogenesis, which can affect the number of calories burned. Eating enough protein will enhance muscle gain and fat loss if you decided to do strength training program to compliment your diet. You can add protein to your meal replacement shake like silken tofu, pea, casein, whey protein powders, or brown rice.

Cleanse yourself with purging smoothies

Cleanse or detox smoothies are a comfortable way to reduce toxins inside your body and it also can help you to lose weight. Usually, the ingredients consist of fresh veggies and fruits, and it can be made easily using kitchen blender. Most cleanse smoothie recipes are made to fulfill your vitamins, antioxidants, fiber and, other healthful nutrients needs and it also act as body cleansing flush. Most of them also contain large quantity of water, which helps to replenish your body and help your body metabolism. The key in cleanse smoothie is to overflow your body with pure nutrition. Nuts, veggies and fruits are important parts in making cleanse smoothies.

Of course there are also drinks that can help you lose weight

There are several types of drinks that can help you lose weight. Coffee is a great replacement of lemon water. Research shows that if you about two or three cups of coffee before doing some workouts, your body endurance will be higher and you can do workout longer. This means that you will burn more calories and easier to lose weight. You can also switch your lemon water with plain cold water because cold drinks will keep your body from overheating. Three 24 oz. servings of it in a day will burn 100 extra calories per day and you will lose 10 pounds over a year if done regularly. Green tea contains substances that can help you to lose weight faster, they are catechin (no this is not a typo of ‘catching’. The word exists in the alchemical world) antioxidants and caffeine. Consuming freshly brewed green tea without adding any condiments is likely to make you lose weight faster.

By doing the mentioned method above, you are will have greater chance in avoiding diabetes. Because you maintain everything at its healthy level, you will have fresher, healthier body and can easily avoid diabetes type 2.

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