Facts about Kids with Diabetes

Surprising Facts about Kids with Diabetes

Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes is categorized as a disease that could be chronic. It affects anyone from children up to elderly, even though the number of affected children is low. In this article we are going to show you four surprising facts about this chronic illness.

Kids with diabetes are not always fat

We all know that type 1 of diabetes can be triggered by overweight in adults. And nowadays, this disease also affects children as young as 6 years old. Most kids who have been diagnosed with diabetes type 1 and two are commonly not fat. Both types are taken lots of important things from the body and it is not making the kids fat.

Long story short, the children do not have to be fat to get this disease. If you are parents with awareness of this condition, you really need to bring your kids to the medical expert for further exam.

Children have highest risk of diabetes

People believe that this disease only affects the minorities. But in fact, all kids with fair skin have higher risk to develop this condition both on type 1 and 2. Type 2 would occur in minorities but people with deep skin tone are still lower at risk.

It is not because too much sugar intake

As we all know that type 1 of diabetes is triggered by obesity. But sugar has no huge impact on blood sugar level in the body than other carb types like potato and rice. The experts and doctors are aware about the sugar, but it is mainly because it is consisted in the food that can fatten the body like ice cream and cookies. Unfortunately, kids love those foods.

Kids who are at risk of developing the type 2 diabetes simply eat too much of anything, nit just sugar. And when the kids are diagnosed with this disease, they need to limit the intake of simple carbs and any sweet thing to maintain the normal blood sugar level.

Kids with type 1 of diabetes can eat brownie anytime they want as long as they also take the insulin injection to break the sugar in their body.

Kids with diabetes do not necessarily need shot of insulin

Insulin shot is basically needed by children with type 1 of diabetes. When it comes to type 2, all they need to do is maintaining their meal plan, cut down some weight (if they are obese) and regularly doing exercise. The insulin will work more effectively with moderation

Children with type 1 of diabetes do not also need to take the shot of insulin every day. Nowadays, there is a device that can be clipped to the waistband. It will give trickle to the insulin from the skin’s port.

Diabetes has three common symptoms both on kids and adults. Frequent urination, excessive thirst, and dehydration are just the common description. If you found these types of symptom then you need to find out if it is just a phase or real diabetes symptoms.

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