Drink Water to prevent Diabetes

How to Prevent Diabetes in Simple Way

Diabetes Mellitus

How to prevent diabetes actually will depend on your lifestyle. We all know that diabetes is basically a chronic disease that attacks a lot of people in the world. When it is left untreated, it could lead to blindness, heart disease, kidney failure, and other serious case of illness. Before someone is diagnosed with diabetes, there will be a time where the level of blood sugar is high but not too high to be touted as diabetes. This period is called pre-diabetes.

So, here are several tips to reduce the risk of diabetes.

Refined carbs and cut sugar from your diet plan

Refined carbs and sugary foods are not friendly for diabetic. It could even put someone on the fast route to get diabetes. Our body could break this kind of food very rapidly. After that, the bloodstream will absorb it. Eventually, it puts your blood sugar level and insulin level on high place which is the first step of diabetes. So, you really need to avoid this type of foods in order to take down the risk in developing this chronic disease over time.

Exercising regularly

It has been proven that moving your body regularly will help you to prevent this disease. Exercise is basically increasing the sensitivity of your cells toward the insulin. This is why when you are exercising, the blood sugar level will be kept out by a fewer insulin. And you do not need to worry if you cannot control your blood sugar level because the physical activity can.

Exercising frequently will also lead to the improvements on the function and response of insulin. So, it is necessary to pick your most favorite exercise and perform it every day.

Drink water and ignore the others

Water can be touted as the most natural beverage on earth you can drink. Besides, drinking water will help you to stay out from other beverages that contain sugar or other questionable ingredients. Water will give you other benefits related to your overall health. Besides keeping the blood sugar level under control, water will help you to lose weight and decrease the resistance of insulin.

Quit smoking

Basically, smoking is related to a lot of health issues and most of them are the serious ones. It could lead to several cancers, emphysema, and heart disease. Cigarette could increase up the diabetes risk up to 44% and 61% for people who could smoke for at least 20 cigarettes in one day. So, if you smoke then it is better to immediately quit. It will be hard but the result will greatly affect your overall health.

High-fiber diet is recommended

Fiber is essential for our body. It allows our body to run normally. And according to some studies, people in pre-diabetic period who take the high-fiber diet could manage their blood sugar level in normal number. Soluble fiber is highly recommended because it can absorb water. You can get plenty of soluble fiber from unprocessed plant-based foods. If you can make it as your lifestyle, you can easily overcome diabetes type 1 and 2.

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