Food List of Best and Worst Foods for Diabetes Type 2

Food List of Best and Worst Foods for Diabetes Type 2

Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes mellitus can be controlled or even prevented if you can control your diet. But if you are suffering from diabetes then you really need to plan your meal. Type 2 diabetes is medical condition that needs serious attention. This is why you have to follow what your doctor says and recommendation of meal plan. If you want to change your diet plan then you must consult it with your physician at the first place.

In this article we are going to reveal the foods that should be avoided by diabetic especially if you are a type 2 diabetes patient.

Do not take white rice

People who eat more white rice have greater risk to develop diabetes type 2. The risk of this condition is increasing for each daily service of white rice. Pasta and white rice would cause spikes on blood sugar, since it is similar to glucose.

Instead of consuming white rice, you better consume brown rice or wild rice. Whole grains are basically will prevent the spikes on blood sugar, since it contains a lot of fiber. Fiber will help to slow down the sugar rush in the bloodstream.

Do not drink blended coffee

Blended coffee contains a lot of things that will harm your body and increase the sugar blood level. Besides the sugar itself, it also contains high calories and fats from whipped cream, sugar, syrup, and also other toppings. Other than blended coffee, milkshake is not recommended for diabetic as well.

You can take coffee as long as it is just coffee, without all stuff mentioned above. And if you still want the mixed coffee, you can have smaller portion of it with non-fat ingredients. Other than that, you can have a walk after that to prevent the spike on your blood sugar.

Do not eat banana and melon

It is true that fresh fruits contain fibers and vitamins. It is a good choice for any diet. However, there are some types of fruits that contain high sugar level like banana, melon, and other stone fruits. It is not a wise choice for diabetic individual.

But since fruits are great for our body, you can consume fruits like berries and apples that contain low sugar. Sometimes it does not work for you and you need to find other fruits that will put you in safety position. To find out about this, you can check your blood sugar level two hours after you consume the food. How your body reacts is the key you should trust.

Do not drink fruit smoothies

Even though smoothies sound like a healthy drink with whole refreshment in it, the sugar can be very disastrous for your body for diabetic.

But, you can still drink smoothies as long as you made it by your own. Making anything your own will allow you to control everything comes into your body. You can include green veggies so you will have balanced smoothies for your morning.

So this is the end list of best food and food to avoid.

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