Diabetes Symptoms and When Those Become a Concern

Diabetes Symptoms and When Those Become a Concern

Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes symptoms are basically invisible since it is very subtle and harmless. Unfortunately, not all people with diabetes get the code or symptoms. This is why every person who suffers from diabetes knows when the disease is on serious stage. It is also common when someone could experience certain complication, whereas this person did not suffer from any symptom before.

According to the American Diabetes Association, more than 8 million people in United States live with undiagnosed diabetes. But of course you can acknowledge yourself with possible symptoms of diabetes mellitus. This will help you to get the right treatment on early stage.

So, here are the symptoms of diabetes you need to know.

Increased urination with excessive thirst

The condition of excessive thirst or polydipsia and polyuria or increased urination is the classic symptoms of diabetes.

When a person suffers from diabetes, the excessive sugar intake in your body will build up in your blood. By that, your kidney will be forced to work harder overtime filtering the excess glucose and absorb it. When the kidney cannot keep it anymore, the sugar will be secreted through the urine.

This condition will make your body dehydrate. You will take more water to hydrate your body. But at the same time you will urinate more often as well.


Tiredness and fatigue are also common symptoms in diabetes. But the problem is everybody could be tired. But basically, there are several factors that lead someone to fatigue when this person has diabetes. Dehydration is a factor related to the previous explanation. On the other hand, the body cannot be properly functioning. It happens because your body saves less sugar in the body. Meanwhile, your body needs sugar as the source for energy.

Unexplained weight loss

Fluctuation on the body weight could also happen on someone with diabetes. Frequent urination that takes your sugar in your body could also drag out your calories in the body. Diabetes will also keep the sugar from the food intake which will lead to constant hunger. The effect will cause rapid and unexplained weight loss. Type 1 diabetes is common with this symptom.

Blurred vision

It is possible that the symptom of diabetes will mess with your vision. If your blood sugar level is very high then the sugar will drag the fluid from the tissue and it also occurs in the eyes’ lenses. It will definitely affect your focus ability.

Diabetes should be treated. When this disease is left untreated, it will create new blood vessel in the retina. The next move, it will damage the existing vessel. This early change is not affecting problem on most people’s vision. The undetected change progress, however, could lead to vision loss and the worst is blindness.

If you have been wounded and the healing process is very slow then you may pay attention more on your body. Women may also experience vaginal discharge and UTI. Take the hints from your body seriously to detect diabetes type 1 and 2.

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