Diabetes symptom, signs and treatment

Diabetes symptom, signs and treatment

Diabetes Mellitus

Detect your diabetes symptom from earlier and you can treat your diabetes better. How you can tell that you have diabetes? Most of early diabetes symptoms are presence from high number of blood glucose, kind of sugar in your blood. The warning sign from diabetes is also can be appear mild so you are not notice to them until you get worst condition of diabetes. This is common especially for people with diabetes type 2.  Most of them are not aware with early symptom from diabetes until they get the effects from long term damage that causes by diabetes diseases and complications.

Early Signs of Diabetes symptom

The presence of high blood sugar in our body will cause numbness, burning, and the tingling in legs, hands and feet. This is caused by condition called diabetic neuropathy, the complication from diabetes that often occurs because condition of high blood sugar in many years.

  • Increased thirst feeling

  • Frequent urination or experience urine infections. In average, person has to urination between 4 into 7 times in a day. But people with diabetes likely go to peeing in more frequent.

  • Fatigue, feeling of weak and tired

  • Headaches

  • Wounds that heal in slowly. High blood sugar can affect blood flow and nerve damage that make your body hard for heal when it has wounds.

  • Nausea.

  • Skin infections

  • Blurred vision. Changing fluid levels in body can make the lenses in eye swell up.

  • Dry mouth as well as itchy skin. Because the body use fluids for pee frequently, it can causes dehydrated.

  • Unexplained weight loss even when you are not in diet

  • Increased hunger feeling especially when after eating. Body convert foods that eaten into glucose that used by cell for energy. But your cell need insulin to get the glucose in. when insulin is not enough in your body, or the cell is resist to the insulin your body makes, glucose is unable to get into them and you will not have energy. This makes you becomes feel more hungry and tired from usual.

Managing and Treating people with diabetes

For people that have diabetes, they need to plan their eating habit.  Eating habit is one way that people with diabetes need to pay attention.  When the best time to meet with your doctor if you suspicious you have diabetes? Call doctor if you feel worse condition such as peeing much, breathe more deeply and faster from usual, have sweet breath that smell such as nail remover, and have bad belly ache. This diabetes management can help you much when you have diabetes.

  • Take healthy eating. Check food type that you need to eat and need to avoid.

  • Take exercise and becomes more active physically in your daily activity

  • Manage your stress. If you stress, it can raise your blood sugar level.

  • Take medication as treatment for your diabetes.

Insulin and other medication for diabetes are designed for lowering your blood sugar glucose and diet and exercise combined for manage diabetes together.  The effectiveness from medication is depending to the size of dose and timing from medication.

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