The Diabetes Free Diary: Tips to Reduce Risk of Dying from Diabetes

The Diabetes Free Diary: Tips to Reduce Risk of Dying from Diabetes

Diabetes Mellitus

If you are looking for tips to reduce risk of making your diabetes even worse, then you have come to the right place. Eating healthy foods is a good way to make your body healthy and also can reduce risk of diabetes which is dangerous. Healthy foods are foods that contain rich amounts of a specific nutrient, which can boost your overall health condition. Here I will give you some tips about healthy foods that will certainly lessen diabetes symptoms:

Eat this if you found them

Almost all fresh ingredients of food we consume are healthy such as vegetables and fruits. Even meat and chicken are healthy too, if processed in a good way. Therefore, the meaning of healthy foods is that eating a food with high amount of nutrients on it. Eat in a small portion often is better than eating in a big amount once or twice a day. One of the important thing is to drink enough water since it helps a lot with your metabolism. Certain process like boiling and frying can reduce the nutrients or even worse, adding unnecessary amount of nutrients such as fat and cholesterol. Snacking with nuts and seeds or replacing your pizza with grilled chicken breast will be better. Eat more vegetables and fruits because they contain fiber, which can boost your digestive system and also supply your daily needs of vitamins. The amount of fibers is higher if you eat fresh and unprocessed food. Processed carbohydrates such as pastries, pizzas, and chips have lower carbs quality compared to beans, tofu, and soya. Adding dairy products to your daily foods will give you a good amount of calcium and vitamin D, which is needed by your body. You can take fats from avocado, nuts, and fatty fish such as salmons, anchovies, and mackerel.

There is also a FOOD TO AVOID

Actually, there are lots of them, and if you think you would only need to avoid one food, you are dead wrong. Cutting the amount of sweets you eat such as pastry, cakes, and carbonated drinks will do your body good. The excessive amount of sugar is not good for you and it could lead to diabetes. There is a bad nutrient for your body and you can found it in almost every delicious food you consume. The nutrients is trans-fat and it can be found in foods like baked foods, candies, margarines, cookies, snack foods, fried foods, and processed foods. You should also watch your salt intake as too much salt won’t do you any good. Fast food is the worst enemy if you want to have healthier life. They are unbalanced foods with a lot of fats and over seasoned so it could cause you a disease, if consumed routinely. Once in a while is okay, but keep that in mind that fast foods are evil. Another thing you should avoid is eating only some kind of foods with no variation. This will lead to nutrient deficiency, hence leading you into a life that is deficient of all the good things. So you should eat different foods and make sure what you eat is not bad for your body.

Eating foods is necessary process for every human in this world, but for those who want to have a healthier life, eating healthy foods is one of the most important tips to reduce risk of worsening your diabetes.

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