Food to avoid for Diabetes

Diabetes : what food to avoid?

Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes is one of the most serious diseases in this modern era since this disease is listed on the top 3 rank killer diseases after heart attack. By knowing this fact, we must be aware of this disease by implementing a healthy diet. There are several recommended steps for you to know and implement below on how to prevent diabetes and also list of food to avoid the diabetes.

  1. Knowing the causes of diabetes

the first thing to prevent diabetes is by knowing the causes of diabetes itself, such as having an unhealthy lifestyle or diet and many more.

  1. Reduce eating fatty foods

Fatty foods can significantly increase glucose or sugar level in the blood that further can trigger diabetes disease. Therefore, fatty food is one of main food to avoid, not only for kids but also for pregnant women. Other kind of food to avoid diabetes is intestines and junk food.

  1. Reduce sweet drinks and foods consumption

Sweet drinks and foods contain high sugar substances. These substances can trigger diabetes. Thus, it is important to lower the consumption of sweet drinks and foods in order to prevent this disease.

  1. Reduce your food portion

Excessive portion of food may cause someone to get an obese. Having an excessive weight may further leads to the increasing glucose level. Thus, by reducing your food portion can also help you to prevent diabetes.

  1. Do routine exercise

Routine exercise is very important to maintain body’s health. By doing routine exercise, you can also control your body’s weight. Moreover, routine exercise can also help you to lower the sugar level in your blood and can also increase the sensitivity of insulin hormone. Thus, by doing 20 minutes exercise regularly can be the best solution for you to prevent diabetes effectively.

  1. Consume more vegetables

If you are a meat lover, it is time for you to decrease your meat consumption. Studies have proven that meat consumption can lead to diabetes. You can switch your meat into vegetables. Eating more vegetables is one of the best tips to reduce risk of getting diabetes.

  1. Avoid yourself having too much stress

An excessive stress can trigger the increase of sugar level in your blood. Thus, try your best not to experience too much stress and refresh yourself by visiting some fun places or spare your time for doing your hobbies.

  1. Get enough and regular breaks

Having enough and regular breaks is very important in order to maintain the health of your body. Besides, by having for an at least 8-hour break every day, it means that you also do early prevention of diabetes. this is because enough breaks can help reducing the number of cortisol hormone. Instead, insulin hormone will take turn breaking down the glucose substance or optimizing the production of glucose.

Those are all 8 most effective ways for you to know on how to prevent diabetes that also include lists of food to avoid from having diabetes.

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