5 Tips on How to Prevent Diabetes

5 Tips on How to Prevent Diabetes

Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes type 2 is the most common type of diabetes in the world. And it needs prevention in order to stay away from this chronic illness. When you are at high risk of this type of diabetes, you need to put the prevention steps on the priority especially if you have family history of disease or simply obese.

The basic prevention of diabetes is getting the right food to eat and food to avoid, becoming a physically active human, and also shading some extra pounds from your body. But if you do not want to start improving your life then the complication will haunt you. It can affect your heart, kidney, and nerve.

So, here are the 5 tips on preventing diabetes mellitus.

1. Become more active physically

Taking physical activity regularly will improve a lot of things in your body. Your overall health will be better as well. Exercising will help you to lose weight and burn the calories. It will lead to lowering the blood sugar level in your body. Other than that, your sensitivity towards insulin will be better as well. Insulin is needed to maintain the normal range of blood sugar level.

Resistance training and aerobic exercise will help to control and prevent diabetes.

2. Fiber consumption

Fiber will allow you to feel full and give you other benefits as well. Besides improving your control of blood sugar and reducing the diabetes risk, it also lowers your risk of developing heart illness. Other benefit, it also promotes the weight loss since it makes you feel full faster. You can get plenty of fiber from nuts, whole grains, bean and lentils, veggies, and fruits.

3. Take the whole grains

In fact, it is not clear yet about how whole grains could reduce the diabetes risk. But it is proven to maintain the levels of blood sugar. If you cannot consume whole grain for all your foods then you can make it a half for the first weeks. Nowadays, you can find so many food options made of whole grains that are ready to eat.

Pasta, cereals, and breads are now available made of whole grains. The main key is “whole” on the box or package and the first few names on the ingredient list will say the same thing.

4. Lose weight

Overweight is the trigger of diabetes. In order to prevent this illness, you need to lose weight. Each pound you shed from your body could improve the overall health. Other than losing weight, you may also consider to exercise regularly. It could reduce the risk up to 60%, according to a large study.

5. Pass the fad diets

You may want to try other diets like glycemic index diet or carb diets. The most important thing you should do to prevent this illness is by making healthier choice continuously. Keeping the balance food will be better rather than strictly limiting your food options and giving up essential nutrients. So, this is what you can do on how to prevent diabetes.

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